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What is WCN's Life Support program?

Life Support provides you with a tool box of skills, information, and resources to equip you to make great choices about relationships, finances, pregnancy, and parenting. This one on one program is tailored to your needs and suited to your schedule. Our three different tracks allow you to earn valuable resources for you and/or for your baby.

Is it for me?

If you have been tested for pregnancy or STDs in any of our four WCN locations, you are eligible for Life Support. Need a test? Click here to make an appointment.

How long is the program?

There are three different tracks that include up to 12 sessions. The length of time to complete the program will depend on you, the track you choose, and the goals you create when you enroll.

What Can I Earn?

Your hard work should pay off. That’s why our Life Support tracks help you earn great rewards. Keep reading to learn what you will earn in each track.

Pre-Natal Track: Essential information for parents expecting a baby. This track includes 11 sessions. Upon completion, you will receive a $100 gift card. We want toreward your efforts, so you’ll also receive a gift when you enroll and a gift half-way through this track.

Parenting Track: Expert advice and counsel for parents who have recently given birth. This track includes 12 sessions focused on parenting in children’s early years ages 0 to 10. After completing this track, you’ll earn a $100 gift card. There is a half-way reward in this track as well.

Healthy Relationship Track: Six “one-on- one” discussion oriented sessions on developing healthy relationships with the people who are closest to you. You’ll receive a gift upon enrolling and a $50 gift card upon completion.

See full description of Tracks below.

How Do I enroll?

There are three ways to enroll:

 Make an appointment at one of our locations by calling 412-687- 7767

 Make an appointment by contacting us by email

 Use the appointment form below. By completing this form, you agree to allow a WCN representative to contact you.

What are others saying about Life Support?

“We’ve been working through some issues in our lives. We’re not even really concerned about a reward item, we’re just so glad for the information you’re giving us and for your support.” –Zack. (Both Allisha and Zack enrolled in the Life Support program during Allisha’s pregnancy.)

"I am so glad that Women's Choice Network answered the phone when I called, because through their Life Support Program I have learned multiple things about both general pregnancy as well as parenting. Both are quite important since I'm pregnant and these services may have been missed because not many places offer free services like this."  

"The Life Support Program at Women's Choice Network is an enormous help to many women and men.  The staff working there are very helpful and relatable.  They are extremely kind and nonjudging.  I would recommend their Life Support Program to anyone."

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Pre-Natal Track

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you are an experienced mom, this Track equips you to face the next few months with greater confidence and better health. Concepts include:

  • Common symptoms you might experience during each trimester and ways of coping
  • Unhealthy habits and methods to decrease and/or stop them
  • Fetal development
  • How to bond with baby before birth
  • What to expect at physician’s visits
  • What types of diagnostic tests and when you can expect to have them
  • Preterm labor
  • When to call your physician
  • Breathing patterns during pre-delivery
  • Signs of labor
  • Preparing to go to the hospital
  • Common medical pregnancy terms and understanding them
  • Eating healthy—what nutrients from each food group and how many servings per day from each
  • Foods to avoid
  • Meal planning
  • Weight gain guidelines for each trimester
  • Importance of exercising
  • Exercising types/guidelines for each trimester

Parenting Track

A new baby changes everything. This track equips you for the joys and challenges in the coming months. Fathers are welcome and encouraged to join this track. Concepts include:

  • Baby Blues or something more serious? Identifying postpartum depression.
  • Who are you? Understanding your newborn baby
  • Getting to know you. Interacting with your newborn baby
  • Safe and effective ways to calm your crying newborn
  • Parenting skills through the early years
  • Parenting specific to moms and dads
  • Healthy relationships during parenting year

Healthy Relationship Track

Your relationships are important and affect every area of your life. This shorter 6 session track helps you look at your relationships, your sexual health, and your future. Concepts include:

  • Discovering Your Identity, Passions, and Purpose
  • Who Can I Trust?
  • Sexual Risk Avoidance
  • Qualities of a Healthy Relationship
  • Is it Love?
  • How to Have the Best Sex
  • Marriage and Longterm Relationships

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